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    Feedback Use this convenient FeedBack form for questions, comments, bug reports or enhancement requests. Excel Software offers free technical support by phone or email. Request free Product Data Sheets by mail.

    Ph: 702-445-7645
    Fax: 702-445-7814

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    NewsletterThe Software Tools newsletter is emailed about 6 times each year. It covers news and information on tools related to software modeling, support, licensing and marketing. Send email to with SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Online Registration

    Online Registration Registered product or site license owners receive free customer support, new product information and discounts on upgrades. Click here to Register Now.

On-Site Training

    On-Site TrainingDo you need to quickly bring your team up to speed on MacA&D or WinA&D tools?

    Bring the instructor to your site with an intensive, hands-on 1 or 2 day training course.
    Learn more about MacA&D or WinA&D On-Site Training.

Student Edition

Student Editions

    Student editions of WinA&D are available to anyone currently enrolled at a university.

    Learn more about the WinA&D Student Edition.

Product Support

    In addition to printed manuals, most products include contextual help integrated with the application and PDF manuals on CD. You'll also find sample documents, tutorials and demonstration videos for most products.

    Excel Software offers free technical support by phone or email. Bug fixes and minor enhancements are available as a free download.

Update Service

Update Service

    Update Service is available to registered users of the current version of any product or site license. This service provides automatic upgrades to software and printed documentation for 20%/annual. It's the simple way to always have the latest version of these dynamic products. Customers without Update Service can purchase an individual upgrade from an older version.

End User License Agreement

    Software products are licensed, not sold. An End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and Excel Software for software product(s) being licensed.

Site License

    Site License Each product can be licensed for multiple users at the same business location. A site is defined as a single or multiple buildings within 1/4 mile of each other that house the same administrative department.

    A 5 User Site License allows 5 concurrent users of the application. An Unlimited User Site License allows unlimited concurrent users of the application at one location. Team dictionary and team requirements capabilities are only available in the site license edition of selected products.

    For MacA&D and WinA&D, the 5 User Site License contains 3 complete sets of printed manuals and the Unlimited Site License contains 5 sets of printed manuals. For all other products, the site license edition includes one printed manual. All manuals are also included on CD in PDF format.

Current Versions

    The current version of each Excel Software product is listed here. If you have an older version of any product, please contact Excel Software for details on your upgrade options or to request a free Upgrade Quote.

    Minor updates (like 2.0 to 2.0.x) are free to registered customers. To request download instructions, fill in the Free Update request form. Major upgrades (like 1.0 to 1.1 or 2.0) can be purchased individually or received automatically with our Update Service.

    Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10Mac OS X
    WinA&D 7.2.2
    WinTranslator 4.0
    QuickLicense Windows 8.0.4
    AirLicense Windows 1.0.1
    DocProtect Windows 5.0.3
    OfficeProtect Windows 3.0.1
    AppProtect Windows 4.1
    LicenseSupport Windows 3.0
    MakeDongle Windows 1.0.1
    PluginFMQLRT Windows 1.0.4
    PluginXojoQLRT Windows 2.0.2
    PluginProtect Photoshop Windows 1.0
    QuickLicenseRT Linux 2.0.2
    QuickLicense Server Windows 1.1.2
    QuickHelp Windows 4.0.3
    CDIF2A&D 3.2
    XojoApp Desktop Windows 4.1
    XojoApp iOS Windows 1.0
    MarketBuddy Windows 3.1
    WebActivation 2.0
    MAX Encryptor 1.0
    SafeWebApp Encryptor 1.0
    Android License SDK Windows 1.1.1
    Cloud License Windows 1.1
    CloudRT Windows 1.0.1
    PhoneGap CloudRT Windows 1.0
    Cloud License Server Windows 1.1
    Web License Server Windows 1.0
    Desktop License Server Windows 1.0.1
    ExcelRT Windows 1.0
    MacA&D 5.0.2
    MacTranslator 4.0.1
    QuickLicense MacOSX 8.0.4
    QLRT Xcode 3.0.3
    AirLicense MacOSX 1.0.1
    DocProtect MacOSX 5.0.3
    OfficeProtect MacOSX 3.0.1
    AppProtect MacOSX 4.1
    LicenseSupport MacOSX 3.0
    MakeDongle MacOSX 1.0.1
    PluginFMQLRT MacOSX 1.0.4
    PluginXojoQLRT MacOSX 2.0.2
    PluginProtect Photoshop MacOSX 1.0
    QuickLicenseRT Linux 2.0.2
    QuickLicense Server MacOSX 1.1.1
    QuickHelp MacOSX 4.0.3
    XojoApp Desktop MacOSX 4.1
    XojoApp iOS MacOSX 1.0
    MarketBuddy MacOSX 3.1
    ClickInstall MacOSX 4.0.4
    SafeWebApp Encryptor 1.0
    Android License SDK MacOSX 1.1.1
    Cloud License MacOSX 1.1
    CloudRT MacOSX 1.0.1
    PhoneGap CloudRT MacOSX 1.0
    Cloud License Server MacOSX 1.1
    Web License Server MacOSX 1.0
    Desktop License Server MacOSX 1.0.1
    ExcelRT MacOSX 1.0

Move Teamwork Models to WinA&D or MacA&D

    CDIF is a standard to communicate information between different CASE tools. The former Cadre Teamwork product can save models as text files in the CDIF format. CDIF2A&D is a tool that converts CDIF text files into a format that imports directly into MacA&D or WinA&D tools. For details on CDIF2A&D or the Demo edition, send an email to