32-Bit vs 64-Bit Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has been available and evolving for decades. There are many versions in use by your potential customers. If you distribute an Excel workbook as a protected EXE built with AppProtect or QuickLicense, make sure the customer computer will support your App.

Originally, Excel was only available as a 32-bit EXE. In recent years, Microsoft gives the user the ability to install either 32-bit or 64-bit Excel on a Windows computer. The default install is still 32-bit. A user can uninstall and reinstall as needed. Most users run 32-bit Excel.

AppProtect and QuickLicense Pro can generate 32-bit or 64-bit EXEs. To satisfy all Excel users, include both EXEs on your website. Instruct the user to install the appropriate EXE for their computer and set Trust Center options Enable All Macros and Allow Trusted Locations.

Excel 32 or 64?

  1. Open an empty document in Office 365.
  2. Click Account command on File menu.
  3. Click About Excel icon.
  4. See Microsoft Excel 32-bit or 64-bit.

Requires 32-bit Excel
2007 or later


Requires 64-bit Excel