Protect and License Software on Mobile Devices

Cloud License

  Protect Phone, NotePad, NoteBook or Desktop Software
  Support any Device, OS, Human or Programming Language
  Work with Any Affiliate, Reseller, App Store or Distribution Model
  Present a Custom Activation Dialog to Collect User Data
  Embed or Separate Activation Process from Application
  Demo Your Software with Time or Execution Limited Trials
  Control Products or Subscriptions with Serial Number Activation
  Offer Extendable Date Terminated Product Licenses
  Automate License Release, Restore and Reset
  Suspend a License for Non-Compliance or Payment
  Enable 100 Unique Features in a License for each Serial Number
  Allow a Human Controlled Purchase Process by Phone or Email
  Integrate Purchase, Payment and Serial Number Distribution
  Simplify Protection with no Software to Download or Install
  Pay no Licensing Fees Based on Number of Products or Sales
  Manage QuickLicense and Cloud Licenses with one Serial Number
  Activate Trial by Customer Email without Vendor Involvement
  Convert Trial into Product or Subscription with Serial Number
  Retrieve License or Customer data from Server into Application

Protect Your Stuff
To Use Cloud License, an Application Needs:
  • Temporary Access to the Internet
  • Request Internet URL with HTTP GET
  • Conditional Logic on Returned String
Implement in Minutes with a Runtime file:
  • Mac, Windows, Android or Xcode Developers see CloudRT

  • Xojo iOS Developers see XojoApp iOS
Click to See Cloud License on iPhone Get started today!

Register a vendor account on Safe Activation Service 3. Login and download the Cloud License User Guide. Setup each product, configure licenses, customize the activation form and integrate an optional automated purchase process.

Use Cloud License from your own Windows or Linux website with Cloud License Server.