Self-Hosted Activation Server

Use WebActivation to automate license activation, release and restore. Manage the licensing process through a customized web page or directly via Internet communication with the protected application. WebActivation works with the QuickLicense, DocProtect or AppProtect protection and licensing tools.

WebActivation Process

Place the components (.exe and .asp files) on your server, set a few file paths and enter your license and serial number data into the appropriate text files. Alternatively, the .asp files can be replaced with the included .php files.

The WebActivationRT.dll presents the same capabilities with external methods in a 32-bit or 64-bit DLL. Manage software licenses with flexible components hosted on your Windows IIS web server.

Integrate the licensing process with your order processing by delivering serial numbers to customers at the time of purchase. Quickly setup the default activation process or customize it to your specific requirements.

  • Control Activation By Serial Number
  • Move a License Between Computers
  • Customize Entire User Experience
  • Minimize Webmaster Programming
  • Automate Computer Dependent Activation Codes
  • Generate Name Dependent Activation Codes
  • Manage Unlimited Products or Serial Numbers
  • License Computers Without Internet Access
  • Create Blocks of Serial Numbers
  • Activate Licenses without a Web Browser
  • Enable Automated License Release and Restore
  • Support License Suspend and Subscriptions

The WebActivation system includes an application that runs on a Windows computer to define licenses and a list of serial numbers and properties for each license.

The WebActivation system is designed to integrate an existing database, use existing serial numbers or generate batches of new serial numbers assigned to CD or download purchases.

System Requirements:
    Click Here to Order WebActivation includes design diagrams that show how components fit together and a test page to use each executable. It includes a demonstration video, printed and PDF User Guide plus free technical support by phone or email if you need it.

    WebActivation Data Sheet A dedicated server hosting plan will probably be required. The default WebActivation setup must run ASP or PHP files and executables that create, read, write and delete text files stored in a directory on your web server. Alternatively, call methods in the WebActivationRT.dll from your own custom web pages.