Workbook Generated Apps That Run Without Microsoft Excel


    Use spreadsheet authoring skills to quickly create a solution for your industry, company or hobby that works on any computer or device.

    An Excel workbook can be converted to a protected, licensed application that supports many computer operating systems and devices. ExcelRT is especially attractive for low cost applications that require widespread distribution to non-technical users.

    The ConvertExcelRT tool on Windows generates a platform neutral XML file from an Excel workbook. That file runs in the free ExcelRT application on any Mac, Windows or Linux computer or on a phone or tablet. Users do not need to buy Microsoft Excel, learn to use it or contend with the complex menu and ribbon commands used to author a workbook.

    The XML file is used by a developer. Once the workbook is completed, optimized and tested, generate a protected, licensed application for distribution to users.

    ExcelRT supports multiple sheets, cell data and style formats, validation rules, conditional formatting, tables, images, hyperlinks and most formula functions. ExcelRT is not an authoring tool and does not support every Excel feature. A workbook is authored and enhanced using Microsoft Excel.

    During the design phase, a developer iterates through Excel workbook edits and conversions to optimize the presentation, performance and data entry in ExcelRT. Add button and event actions or custom programming if needed. Once development is complete, encrypt the XML file to reduce size and protect your formulas and design work.

    ExcelRT supports both QuickLicense and Cloud License. Add protection, licensing features and a custom user interface. ExcelRT can be deployed either as a standalone Desktop app on Mac or Windows or as a Shared app that hosts multiple products on desktop or mobile platforms.

    If your workbook has thousands of rows, dozens of sheets or requires the latest features or addins for Excel, then Microsoft Excel using OfficeProtect may be your best distribution platform. Your Excel or ExcelRT based product can use all the licensing and customization features of QuickLicense and the Open Data File interface window.

    For a workbook of modest size and complexity or for potential customers unlikely to have Excel installed, ExcelRT may be an ideal solution. Either way, Excel Software offers tools and services to protect, license and sell your App.

ExcelRT Benefits

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      Simplify and customize the user experience without complex Menu and Ribbon commands.
      Create Apps that run on Mac, Windows and Linux now, then later on iOS or Android.
      Eliminate Excel version and OS inconsistencies by controlling your App environment.
      Lower user cost with free ExcelRT and a quick learning curve.
      Reduce support cost with a simplified runtime environment and no trust center complications.
      Protect your work and apply licensing features with a few button clicks.
      Distribute a professional, self-contained app that runs on any modern computer or device.

ExcelRT Discount Developers

    ExcelRT for Mac, Windows and Linux computers is available now.

    Any Excel workbook developer can download, convert and distribute their files to run in ExcelRT. The iOS edition is in Beta test now with Android to follow in 2018.

    Anyone with Excel authoring skills can create their solution for free, then buy an ExcelRT Annual Subscription to protect, productize and sell it. Get royalty-free distribution rights to ExcelRT on any computers or devices used by your customers.

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